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1.  Poetic Preachin’ Intro   lyrics                      
2.  What U Waitin’ For (Demo)       lyrics                 
3.  He Used To Say (Demo)      lyrics                
4.  Reality   lyrics                                        
5.  It’s Better To Walk Back    lyrics            
 The House That Pride Built  lyrics                     
 Seek Him First   lyrics
 Keep Steppin’    (Demo)      lyrics
 W.I.J.D.   lyrics
 Answer This   lyrics
 Flower   lyrics
 My Destiny   lyrics
 Still In Charge   lyrics
 To Please You  (Demo)      lyrics
 Perspective   lyrics
 Poetic Preachin’ Prelude   
 Poetic Preachin’   (Demo)      lyrics
 Poetic Preachin’ Outro   lyrics Lyrics-Demos_files/Poetic%20Preachin%20Intro.htmLyrics-Demos_files/Waitin%27%20For%20Demo.mp3Lyrics-Demos_files/What%20U%20Waitin%20For.htmLyrics-Demos_files/Used%20To%20Say%20Demo.mp3Lyrics-Demos_files/He%20Used%20To%20Say.htmLyrics-Demos_files/Reality.htmLyrics-Demos_files/It%27s%20Better%20To%20Walk%20Back.htmLyrics-Demos_files/The%20House%20That%20Pride%20Built.htmLyrics-Demos_files/Seek%20Him%20First.htmLyrics-Demos_files/Keep%20Steppin%27%20Demo.mp3Lyrics-Demos_files/Keep%20Steppin%27.htmLyrics-Demos_files/WIJD.htmLyrics-Demos_files/Answer%20This.htmLyrics-Demos_files/Flower.htmLyrics-Demos_files/My%20Destiny.htmLyrics-Demos_files/Still%20In%20Charge.htmLyrics-Demos_files/please%20you%20demo.mp3Lyrics-Demos_files/To%20Please%20You.htmLyrics-Demos_files/Perspective.htmLyrics-Demos_files/Poetic%20Preachin%27%20Demo.mp3Lyrics-Demos_files/Poetic%20Preachin.htmLyrics-Demos_files/Poetic%20Preachin%20Outro.htm

1.  It Was Written  (Demo)        lyrics         

2.  Give It Up (Demo)      lyrics                

3.  Personally (Demo)      lyrics                

4.  Love Song   lyrics                

5.  Now What (Demo)      lyrics                

  1. 6. Armor of God   lyrics  

  2. 7. Paradise (Demo)       lyrics

  3. 8. I Gotta Question   lyrics

  4. 9. Call On His Name  lyrics

  5. 10. Stop & Give Praise   lyrics

  6. 11. Come Home   lyrics

  7. 12. The Prodigal Son (Home Where I Belong)   lyrics

1.  Press On (Keep Pressin’)  (Demo)     lyrics         

2.  That Thing (Demo)      lyrics                

3.  I Know  lyrics                

4.  Why Not   lyrics                

5.  Hold On (Demo)      lyrics                

  1. 6. What You Gonna Do  (Demo)      lyrics  

  2. 7. Why Should I (Demo)      lyrics

  3. 8. What They Need   lyrics

  4. 9. How Will It Be  lyrics

  5. 10. The Standard   lyrics

  6. 11. No Compromise   lyrics

  7. 12. Last Day   lyrics

  8. 13. Who U Reppin’  lyrics

  9. 14. Real Talk  lyrics